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India Trip India Trips - How do we keep our clients happy and satisfied?

India Trips - How do we keep our clients happy and satisfied?

How do we keep our clients happy and satisfied?
We value your time and your money as extremely precious
We offer you World Class Service with Chosen Experiences and Gracious hospitality.
Quality and Exclusive Tours make us stand apart from the competitors!
Our Hotel and Hospitality Contacts fetch you Best Deals.
We Offer Better Choices for vehicles, and expert staff than others
Our Expertise Lies in Local Tourism. Wholesale Tourism is not our Business
Our Group Tours do not get cancelled
We Take Pleasure in Pampering and Caring for our Guests
Vacations are stress-free with us
You do not risk your money on any transactions with us.
Royal Treatment for pleasures and leisure in true Indian fashion!
Expert Supervision of minutest details by our tour experts
Luxurious Stay in Heritage Palace Hotels & Five Star Deluxe Resorts
Innovative, Exclusive and Creative Itineraries for all Travelers

Before you leave, you will work closely with one of our experts (consultants) to design an absolutely perfect itinerary that includes compelling, well-planned touring and the very best accommodations. We have spent the better part of our career traveling, and we continue to travel in order to stay current on the latest attractions, restaurants, and hotels, so you may be rest assured that our advice and recommendations are based on our own first-hand experience.



We at eIndia Trips understands that you want to enjoy every minute you spend in India. So, unlike other tour companies, we make every effort to cut down on commuting time by arranging flights to almost all destinations in India. We also realize that train and public transport in India is not very clean and hygienic, which is repulsive to our foreign guests. Hence, we make best arrangements keeping comfort level of our guests in mind. Flying to different destinations allows you to have more time to relax and explore India.

Save Money with Us. If your compare our rates with quotations from other tour operators in India or around the world , you will realize that we charge far much less than others. We do not have to blow up your pockets. Our India Tours are affordable and offer every penny's worth.

Our Hotel and Hospitality Contacts fetch you Best Deals. There are only a handful of good Hotels in India, and during the peak season, availability of good rooms and suites is extremely competitive. In such scenarios, having good contacts in the industry helps us to secure better rooms for guests with better views and better prices, adding to the India tour experience.

Quick and Prompt Response makes us have an edge over our competitors! We have meticulously built a reputation for responding faster to your inquiries, follow up questions or concerns, or providing special assistance and catering to special needs during your tour in India. Our tour agency has eager tour experts, who genuinely want to keep you happy and comfortable during your trip in India and do not hesitate in going out of their way to ensure that. It hardly takes five minutes to send an e-mail to India and calls are as instantaneous in India as they are here. Betting on a tour agency that takes two or three days to respond to your queries is neither acceptable nor safe, when you are on your India Tour. We understand that in an emergency, guests might need immediate solutions, and we make sure that we are there to help you out in any unexpected situation.

India Tours and Travel, in all its diversity, is our specialty. These may include India Tours, luxury trains such as the "Palace On Wheels" and the "Deccan Odyssey", wildlife tours, pilgrimage tours and more. Our First Timer Tour Itineraries have been designed for those who are coming to India for the first time and offer you maximum support system so that you can enjoy your India holidays without feeling stranded in a strange island.

Our Expertise Lies in Local Tourism. Wholesale Tourism is not our Business. With several offices all over India, and offices in UK and United States, we only offer the best tours of India and neighboring countries.

We Offer Better Choices for vehicles, and expert staff than others. Most Luxury Tour companies in India have limited choice of vehicles that only reach our Deluxe Level. We have two higher levels of automobiles on offer too, both of which include Japanese SUV's. 4 to 6 guests that visit India can hire an 8 passenger Luxury Micro Coach for delightful rides across the country.

Our Group Tours do not get cancelled. Several of our clients approach us just after they have been informed that their Tour Company have cancelled their India Tours in the last minute because a sufficient number of rooms had not been sold for a particular tour or enough guests have not registered for them. Almost all tour agencies have such stipulations. However, we make sure that if we offer a group tour, we operate it too. We guarantee that even if one guest shows up, we do not cancel our group tours.

Indian Travel Agent is not totally business and commerce. We have a socially active enterprise and support few local and international charitable organizations that have been chosen carefully based on their portfolio and ideologies. We also do our bit to save our environment and promote conservation and preservation policies aggressively throughout our operations in India and abroad.

Your make your own Choices. It is your Vacations, your Holidays, and it is natural that you should be the one to make all the important decisions during your India Trip. When we mention a 'Tour', we also let you decided how much service and attention you actually want from us. You are the one to decide on the activities you want to indulge in and sights you want to visit. If you are in small group tours, you can always opt out of certain sections that do not sound attractive enough to you. Our tour experts will provide you with all the options and you can select your own experiences.

Vacations are stress-free with us. Our tours are carefully designed to make sure that there is no mayhem and chaos as you rush from one tourist attraction to another that makes you lose on all the good moments. We are highly organized and methodical while making travel arrangements to make sure things flow smoothly during your India tour. Most choosy clients have praised us for a wide array of choices we offer them from all over India - right from wildlife tours to meditation and yoga tours in Ashrams that are thousands of years old. You can select, combine or design your India tours with the assistance of our tour experts, according to your preferences.

We Take Pleasure in Pampering and Caring for our Guests. India has a tradition of 'Atithi Devo Bhavah' or the 'Guest is God'. We, at eIndia Trips treat you like royalty and make sure that all your needs are catered to during your India Tours. You can opt from several pre-planned tour itineraries on offer, choosing the date you start the tour, or customize your India Tour to conform them to your dream vacation experiences.

India Tours are our only Forte. Many tour and travel companies that have their presence across the world and offer tours to every corner of the planet actually depend on the infrastructure and services of local travel agents in different locations. We deal only with India tours, have large offices that operate in almost all the major tourism destinations in India, and offer personalized service to all our guests.

You do not risk your money on any transactions with us. Almost none of the India tour agencies based in India offer protection in regard to your payments and deposits. We have a totally secure system, with well-defined refund policies that are applicable as per the agreement you sign at the time you decide to opt for an India tour with us.

Royal Treatment for pleasures and leisure in true Indian fashion! Once you have decided what kind of attention you want, you can just be yourself and enjoy. Our support staff will make sure that you get an incredible experience during your India tour along with quality services and world-class facilities, fit for kings and quee ns. As you enjoy varied experiences, you get to stay in some of the world's best resorts with interesting history, gracious hospitality, eager services, and amazing architecture.

Expert Supervision of minutest details by our tour experts will surprise you. Our experiences in the industry have made us learn several lessons to enhance the quality of tour experience of our guests in India. You will always have access to our management, irrespective of where you are in India and you can contact them anytime to notify your dissatisfaction and you will be offered prompt redressal of your concerns through our staff. We're committed to complete satisfaction of our clients on India tours.

We offer More Value for your money. All our India tours offer excellence at lowest price possible. Opulent Level tours of India we offer certainly exceed the best offers otherwise available in India. Very well planned, luxurious lodgings, regal dining experiences, and most gracious services complete the package of these tours. There is an individual visit facilitator for each room (or family) reservation during Opulent India Tours to ensure complete attention and immediate response.

Luxurious Stay in Heritage Palace Hotels & Five Star Deluxe Resorts. Compare us with others on any ground and we are ready for the challenge. Hotels we offer on our India Tours are exceptionally good and are counted as some of the top luxury hotels in the world. Compare the accommodations we offer to any offer by our competitors and we are sure, you will choose us hands down. Our guides and our staff have been carefully trained to handle most demanding guests and are chosen best from the entire Indian tourism industry. No other agency can match up to the talent and quality of services we offer on luxury travel and tours of India - and we are not boasting!

Innovative, Exclusive and Creative Itineraries for all Travelers. Like you, we are also tired of old repetitive themes and canned presentations. We love to offer you India travel with unique and fresh perspectives designed especially for luxury travels of today. We understand that brochures and websites of almost all tour companies sound same to prospective clients. Hence, we make sure that our India Tours have something different to offer. Read description of one or two tours we offer and you will realize the difference right away.

To plan your trip you just need to tell us how you want your trip to be organized. The themes, possible destinations, specific activities, any particular requirements, something we forgot to mention or something you'd like to change ..anything. Just fill in the form and we'll get back to you with a custom made travel plan and price .. and we won't keep you waiting !
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