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Ayurveda Tour

Ayurveda, India Tour & Travel

Ayurveda is vast knowledge process and doesn’t restricts itself to the healing of a particular disease but aims at achieving peace of mind through lifestyle changes and that in turn cures many diseases. The modern medical science also recognizes the fact that many of the serious diseases are caused by unhealthy life style and so Ayurveda aims at bringing significant changes in our lifestyle and that brings amazing long term results.

The Ayurvedic tour includes many of the ayurvedic resorts and spas spread across North India. People from the entire world come here in search of true ayurvedic resorts but it is lamentable that often the tourists are misguided due to the unavailability of proper information.

One of the renowned places that offer authentic ayurvedic treatments is Rishikesh in the state of Uttaranchal. Situated at the foot hills of Himalayas, this is an extremely beautiful place.  The surrounding proves to be perfect for ayurvedic treatment. The holy river of Ganga flows through the city and only adds to the charm of the city. Ananda is one of renowned ayurvedic spas and it attends to people from all over the world.

Ayurveda Tours in India offers following therapies and treatments for some of the ailments:
1. Panchakarma Treatment
2. Rejuvenation Therapy
3. Body Immunization Therapy
4. Body Sudation
5. Body Slimming Therapy
6. Remedies for Arthritis and Spondylitis
7. Post Pregnancy Health Programme
8. Special Treatment for Sinusitis and Migraine
9. Removal of Stress and Strain
10. Beauty and Eye Care Package
11. Skin and Beauty Treatments
12. Anti-Neuropathy Treatments
13. Orientation course on Ayurveda, Nutrition and Herbs
14. Workshops on Ayurveda Massages and Treatments
15. Workshops on Yoga and Meditation.

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