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Home Special Interest Tribal Tour to Orissa India

Tribal Tour to Orissa India

Duration : 12 Nights / 13 Days
Places To See: Bhubaneshwar - Ratna Giri - Baliguda - Belghar - Kothagargh - Rayagada - Jeypore - Ankadeli - Lamptaput - Kunduli - Nandapur - Laxmipur - Taptaoani - Chilka - Puru)

Mukteshwar Temple, Orissa Tour & TravelOrissa, the lush green state, girdled by the Bay of Bengal, has seen some of the best fusion of traditional Indian art in its many temples and monuments, and has been able to preserve much of it, in an environment natural to its wonder and attractions. It was in Orissa, that Buddhism found some of its strongest exposure, and cult following. However, it was Hindu art that dominated the landscape, eventually, and resulted in the profusion of temple traditions, that have endured till now.

Heavily forested, and isolated, Orissa was once famous for its majestic battle elephants. But life in Orissa revolved around temples, and that the Oriyas lived lives free of strife, is evident from the fact that the state has few forts or fortified palaces to its credit, indicative of centuries of peace and harmony.

Although known throughout the ancient world as a formidable maritime empire with trading routes stretching to Bali, Sumatra and Java, the history of Orissa, then called Kalinga, is a little hazy until the demise of the Kalinga dynasty in 260 BC. Ashoka, the Mauryan Emperor, in a bloody battle, conquered Kalinga. Shocked at the carnage Ashoka foresworeviolence and converted to Buddhism. Around the 1st century BC, under the rule of the Chedis, Buddhism declined and Jainism was restored as the faith of the people. Monastery caves were created and Udayagiri and Khandagiri became important Jain centres. By the 7th century AD Hinduism had, in turn supplanted Jainism and under the Kesari and Ganga kings, trades and commerce flourished. Countless temples from that classical period stand today. The Oriyas defied the Muslim rulers until the region fell to the Mughals in the 16th century. Since then the Afghans, Marathas and the British successively ruled Orissa. Orissa is predominantly rural, with fertile green coastal plains rising to the hills of the Eastern Ghats. The State is mineral rich and is a big exporter of iron ore. The Oriyas, 25% of who are ADIVASIS (indigenous tribes) are very friendly and hospitable and the atmosphere of the State is generally relaxed.

Most of the state's attractions are close to each other, and convenient access is provided out of the state capital, Bhubaneswar. The capital itself is an intriguing amalgam of the old and the new, an emerging modern Indian city, that is steeped in the roots of the traditions of its glorious past, without being overwhelmed by it.
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TRIBES: Welcome to the tribal land of Orissa - The southwestern part of Orissa contains the largest concentration of tribal people in the sub continent. There are more than 62 tribal communities in Orissa. They have retained their tradition in-spite of the onslaught of the modern civilization. Visit to some of the tribal villages and participate in their dance and festival. Discover the original man-nature proximity trekking amid the deep gorges and rivers or during a ritual tribal dance on a full moon night. The soft mist, the local-brew and a campfire make a heady mixture indeed. This is an adventure that offers unique experience, which the visitor fondly remembers for years to come.

The antiquity of Orissa is endorsed by her ancient people - They continue to inhabit their traditional dwelling places in remote areas of the deep forests and hilly interiors. Steeped in the mystery that surrounds their ancient ways, the Orissan tribal continue to be a source of deep interest not only for anthropologists and sociologists but also for numerous tourists who flock to Orissa in search of the exotic mystique of this relatively unexplored state. The tribal economy is by and large based on activities around the jungles. Hunting and fishing continue to be the main source of livelihood though some of the larger tribes such as Santals, Mundas, and Gonds have become agriculturists. The Juang, Bhuyan, Bondo, Saura, and Dhruba tribes follow the shifting cultivation practice. The Koya tribals are cattle breeders while the Mahali and Lohara are simple artisans involved in basket weaving and tool making. The Santal, Munda and other tribes have now also become involved in the mining and industrial belt of Orissa. Though their economy is shaky, the Orissan tribal enjoy a rich and varied cultural heritage, the most powerful instance of this being in their music and dance, which are as colorful as they are rhythmical. The cycle of life offers numerous reasons to celebrate and is done so with vigor and grace - either in the privacy of family home or as a community activity. The changing seasons, religious customs, and the traditional rhythms of superstitious belief are strong incentives for creating a string of festivals to augment their importance to the tribal.

Orissa Temple, Orissa Tour PackageThe Paraja tribe is primarily located in the Kalahandi and Koraput regions of Orissa. The language is "Parji". They worship numerous gods and goddesses who live in the hills and forests. They love dance and music during weddings.

The "Soura" tribe is one of the most ancient and they are known for being marathon walkers, expert hunters and climbers. Personal hygiene is of intense importance to them.

The "Bondos" are fiercely independents and aggressive, and continue to practice the barter system of exchanging produce from their fields for their daily needs. Bondo women prefer to marry younger men because they can have someone who will earn for them in their old age.

The Kutias are the primitive section of the Kondh tribal community. Kutias were also quite famous till the recent years for their unique tradition of 'Maria'(human) sacrifice. Dongria Kondhs, also a primitive section of the Kondh community are expert horticulturists and maintain a quite distinct cultural heritage.

The arrival into India could be Delhi or Chennai or Calcutta and we could organize either a Golden Triangle Tour of Delhi/Agra/Jaipur or Calcutta or Chennai in the beginning or end of the Orissa tour.

Bhubaneshwar is the starting point to travel into the tribal belt of Orissa. The tour is visiting the various tribal villages like Baliguda, Rayagada, Jeypore, Taptapani where we see the primitive Kutia Kondh Tribe, the Dingaria Kondh Tribe, Bonda Tribe Sanaparoja and Mali Tribes. The tour is meeting and mixing with these tribes and learning their life-style. The stay during the tribal tour is in lodges and in basic guesthouses. One should not expect any luxury.

Day1 : Bhubaneshwar
Transfer to the airport for flight to Bhubaneswar. Reach and transfer to hotel. Proceed for half-day tour of the city. Overnight at Bhubaneswar.

Day 2 :Bhubaneshwar / Ratna Giri / Bhubaneshwar
Full day excursion to Ratnagiri after breakfast.
Overnight at Bhubaneswar.

Day 3 : Bhubaneshwar / Baliguda
Drive to Baliguda after breakfast.

Baliguda is in the district of Phulbani, through the beautiful countryside road full with small mountains of Sal forest, one of the entry point to the tribal highland of Orrisa. En-route visit typical Orissa villages.
Arrive at the hotel in the evening.

Overnight at Baliguda.

Day 4: Baliguda
Today after breakfast you will make a visit the different Villages & Desai Kondh.

Overnight at Baliguda.

Day 5: Baliguda / Belghar / Kothagargh / Rayagada
Chatikona, Rayagada Tour & TravelAfter breakfast

you will depart to Belghar area visit of a few Huttiya Kondha Tribal Villages & Weekly Market at Kothagarh.

Proceed to explore the villages of the primitive Kutia kondh Tribes, once famous for the human sacrifice. Living in the mountain / forest cores are friendly tribal community. You can take small/ long trek as you wish.

Lunch on the way.

Drive down to Rayaguda. Arrive in the evening.
Overnight at Hotel.

Day 6: Rayagada / Jeypore
Morning proceed to Chatikona (40 km) to witness the Interesting & colourful weekly market of the Dongaria kondh tribes.

This day this interesting ornamental Tribes come down from their mountain will known as Niayamgiri hill range. This is an unique opportunity to witness them before they come and mix with other community in the market, so we will take you 2/3 km from the market near the Niyamgiri hill, so to watch & enjoy these community coming down with different kinds of fruits, animal etc.

Free time in the market.

Overnight at Jeypore.

Day 7: Jeypore / Ankadeli / Lamptaput / Jeypore
After early breakfast proceed to Ankadelli - 70 km to witness the most primitive, interesting & unique tribal weekly market of the Bonda tribes. The place is the border of the neighboring state of Andhra Pradesh, divided by river Machkund, with interest waterfall, mountain & forest.

You will be taken inside for about 2/3km walk to witness the Bonda man & woman coming down from the forest side. It is being considered that at present Bondas are the most primitive tribe of India or otherwise known as the Nakate tribes of the mountain. Bonda women with their silver & brass rings around the neck, hundred of necklaces on the body, shaved hair a small cloth wrapped down to cover half of the private areas are out of any history book. In the other side the Bonda men with their bow & arrow with country made liquor. A fascinating one to watch. Photography in the market is restricted, so you can take photo on this time.

Free time in the market. Afternoon proceed to Lamtaput area to explore another primitive tribal community the Gdabas - you can watch the most colorful tribal dance call DEMSA.

Late afternoon drive back to Jeypour.

Overnight at Jeypore.

Day 8: Jeypore / Kunduli / Nandapur / Jeypore

River, Jeypore Tour & TravelMorning proceed to witness the biggest tribal weekly market of Sanaparoja & Mali tribes in Kunduli 65 km away via Sunabeda. It is a verycolorful market.

Later drive down to Nandapur to visit village of Sanaparoja tribes. Visit village khilus. Saana Padar, Bda Padar with small trekking and later later drive down to Jeypour.

You can also morning proceed to Gupteswar 70 km to visit the villages of very interesting dhuruba tribe. Visit and walk through villages of Ramanguda, Dogariguda, Silpader, Talur etc. There is an interesting tribe where the males like to put ornaments living in the border of Madhya Pradesh. Visit the Cave temple of lord Shiva in the hidden mountain famous among the tribes.

Later drive down to Nuagaon to witness the beautiful tribal weekly market of Sana Paroja and then back to hotel at evening.

Overnight at Hotel.

Day 9: Jeypore / Laxmipur / Rayagada

Visit Dhuruba Tribe, Laxmipur, of the Bondas Region. Also Visit Jagannath Temple & Tribal Museum at Koraput (The Jagannath Temple is a new temple built on 1972. Here Non Hindus are allowed inside the Temples and all activities are similar to Jagnnath Temple of Puri). Lunch on the way.

Overnight at Rayagada.

Day 10: Rayagada / Taptaoani / Chilka
Breakfast. Proceed to Chilka.

Visit Taptapani on your way.

Overnight at Chilka.

Day 11: Chilka / Puri
Puri Beach, Puri Tour & TravelsDrive to Puri after breakfast.

Reach Puri and relax in the beach.

Overnight at Puri.

Day 12: Puri
Proceed for a tour of Puri after breakfast covering Jagnnath Temple and Konnark (The Sun Temple).

Overnight at Puri.

Day 13: Puri / Bhubaneshwar
Breakfast at hotel.

Transfer to Bhubaneshwar Airport to board flight to Delhi or onward Destination.

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